Sterile Disposable Collection Set Sterile Disposable Collection Set  
The Collection Set is the disposable version of our 3/8 Metal handle and hose assembly. The swivel handle contains a slip ring for finger tip vacuum controlo. Sold ten units per box.

 No. 610
 Sterile Disposable Collection Set

Laminaria Tent Laminaria Tent
This natural cervical dilator is available in sizes extra small (2mm), small (3mm), medium (4mm), large (5mm) and extra large (6mm). Individually packaged and processed by ethylene oxide gas. Available in boxes by the dozen.

 No. 630
 Laminaria Tent XS, S, M, L, XL

Sterile Flexible Vacuum Curette Set Sterile Flexible Vacuum Curette Set  
A flexible curette tip is attached to a 6 foot aspiration hose. Sold ten units per box.

 No. 631
 4mm Flexible Vacuum Curette Set
 No. 632
 5mm Flexible Vacuum Curette Set
 No. 633
 6mm Flexible Vacuum Curette Set
 No. 634
 7mm Flexible Vacuum Curette Set
 No. 635
 8mm Flexible Vacuum Curette Set

Sterile Vacuum Curettes Rigid Sterile Vacuum Curettes Rigid  
The rigid curettes are made from a clear plastic material. Sizes 7mm-12mm are designed to fit into the sterile collection set for a totally disposable system. Sizes 14mm and 16mm fit into the 1/2 Metal Handle. The textured band on the curette is an indicator to gauge the depth of insertion. The package inserts are color coded for easy identification.

 No. 608
 07mm Straight Vacuum Curette
 No. 601
 08mm Straight Vacuum Curette
 No. 602
 09mm Straight Vacuum Curette
 No. 603
 10mm Straight Vacuum Curette
 No. 604
 11mm Straight Vacuum Curette
 No. 605
 12mm Straight Vacuum Curette
 No. 606
 14mm Straight Vacuum Curette
 No. 607
 16mm Straight Vacuum Curette

 No. 618
 07mm Curved Vacuum Curette
 No. 611
 08mm Curved Vacuum Curette
 No. 612
 09mm Curved Vacuum Curette
 No. 613
 10mm Curved Vacuum Curette
 No. 614
 11mm Curved Vacuum Curette
 No. 615
 12mm Curved Vacuum Curette
 No. 616
 14mm Curved Vacuum Curette
 No. 617
 16mm Curved Vacuum Curette

Note: 14mm & 16mm Curettes require 1/2" Bottle Top and 1/2" Hose and Handle Assembly for use.

Sterile Flexible Vacuum Curette Tip Sterile Flexible Vacuum Curette Tip  
The flexible or "Karmann" style cannulas have 2 port openings in sizes 4mm through 8mm thereby allowing the cannula to collapse if pushed against the uterine fundus. The risk of perforation is minimized. The tips are color coded with 3 small bands to gauge the depth of insertion and 1 linear mark to designate the location of the furthest port.

 No. 621
 04mm Flexible Vacuum Curette
 No. 622
 05mm Flexible Vacuum Curette
 No. 623
 06mm Flexible Vacuum Curette
 No. 624
 07mm Flexible Vacuum Curette
 No. 625
 08mm Flexible Vacuum Curette
 No. 626
 10mm Flexible Vacuum Curette
 No. 627
 12mm Flexible Vacuum Curette

Uterine Suction Curette Sets Uterine Suction Curette Sets  
Sterile Disposable
The Flexible Tips in sizes 5mm-8mm are available with a plastic container for a totally enclosed collection system. Handling is kept to a minimum. Sold 10 units per box.
  • Clear Plastic Container
  • 40cc Capacity Filter Basket
  • Cap, Plug and Specimen Bag for Safe Transport
  • Pressure Equalizing Hole for Regulating Vacuum
 No. 652
 5mm Cannula Size
 No. 653
 6mm Cannula Size
 No. 654
 7mm Cannula Size
 No. 655
 8mm Cannula Size

Word Bartholon Gland Catheter
No. 1000 Catheter Set

Word Bartholon Gland Catheter
No. 1005 Catheter
Word Bartholin Gland Catheter
The ideal surgical procedure is one that is simple to perform; free of life-threatening danger while subjecting the patient to a minimum amount of pain with no residual disfigurement plus restoring normal function to a diseased organ. This inflatable bulb-tipped catheter was developed to treat patients with a cyst or abscess of the Bartholin's gland in an effort to accomplish this ideal.

Catheter Specification
  • Made of Medical Grade Latex
  • Size 10FR - 5CM Long
  • Balloon Capacity - 5CC Inlated
The convenient catheter set includes (1) scapel, (1) 3CC syringe with 22ga needle and (1) catheter.

Each Item is individually sterile packaged.

Both the catheter and catheter set are sold 6 units per box. Sterile.

 No. 1000
 Catheter Set
 No. 1005

VABRA Aspirator
VABRA Aspirator  
The Vabra Aspirator system allows rapid, accurate, in-office screening and diagnosis of endometrial cancer and its precursors. Proven effective for specimen collection, Vabra requires no general anasthesia. Patient and physician inconvenience is minimal, especially when compared to hospitalization generally required for a diagnostic D&C. The Vabra Cervix is available with a specialized cannula designed to remove and collect tissue from the cervical canal.

 No. 540
 2mm Stainless Steel
 No. 502
 3mm Stainless Steel
 No. 530
 3mm Stainless Steel Cervix
 No. 509
 4mm Transparent Plastic
 No. 535
 4mm Transparent Plastic Cervix

Squeeze Bottle

Squeeze Bottle
For adding fixative to tissue sample collected during Vabra Aspiration. (Capacity 8 oz.)

 No. 520
 Squeeze Bottle

Patient Pamphlets

Patient Pamphlets
This small pamphlet can be a big comfort to your patient. If you are a regular Vabra user, presenting this pamphlet to your patient will help her to further understand Vabra Aspiration.

 No. 506
 Patient Pamphlets (50/pkg)

Aspiration Hose

Aspiration Hose
1/4" I.D. - 6 foot long with male fitting for V-80 Pump and large VC systems. Available sterile or non-sterile; packaged individually or in dozens.

No. 504
 Aspiration Hose (Sterile) (12/box)
 No. 504S
 Aspiration Hose (Sterile) (ea.)
No. 503
 Aspiration Hose (Non-Sterile (ea.)
 No. 503S
 Aspiration Hose (Non-Sterile) (ea.)

Surgical Loops

Surgical Loops
Application: Occlusion or retraction of vessels
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle to tissue
  • Color coded (red-arteries, blue-veins, yellow-ureters, white-nerves or tendons)
  • Sterile
  • Radiopaque
  • Disposable
The MEDEVICE Surgical Loops are made of medical grade, smooth silicone rubber. Each loop is designed with an oval shape for maximum surface-to-force ratio. This reduces the risk of vessel injury while providing gentle control and smooth release.

The MEDEVICE packaging incorporates a plastic twin tube inside the sterile pouch which holds the loop prior to use. This exlusive design provides:
  • Maintenance of natural loop tension
  • Freedom from foreign material contamination
  • Easy removability from tube and pouch
  • Elimination of loop entanglement and creases
MINI LOOPS (2/pkg., 12 pkg./box)
 No. L-100
 Red Mini Loops
 No. L-101
 Blue Mini Loops
 No. L-102
 Yellow Mini Loops
 No. L-103
 White Mini Loops

MAXI LOOPS (2/pkg., 12 pkg./box)
 No. L-110
 Red Maxi Loops
 No. L-111
 Blue Maxi Loops
 No. L-112
 Yellow Maxi Loops
 No. L-113
 White Maxi Loops

SUPER MAXI LOOPS (1/pkg., 12 pkg./box)
 No. L-120
 Blue Super Maxi Loops

Surgical Paws

Surgical Paws
Application: Instrument Covers
The MEDEVICE Surgical Paws are made of medical grade silicone rubber and are packaged sterile in a clearly marked, easy to open pouch. The paws are color coded for quick identification of size (red-smaller forceps, white-medium size instruments, blue-large clamps).

Surgical Paws (2/pkg., 10 pkg./box)
 No. L-120
 Blue Super Maxi Loops


Application: For Pap Smear test specimen collection
Using the Cervex-Brush in the preventative investigation of cervical cancer reduces the number of repeat investigations by 30%. The reliability of smears obtained by the Cervex-Brush provides a clear and accurate sample which leads to early detection of cervical cancer. Use of the Cervex-Brush in preventative investigation reduces the need for more drastic measures to be taken. This represents enormous savings potential toward national health care costs.


Product Specifications
The Cervex-Brush (Cervix-Examination-Brush) is made of polyethylene and has a total length of 20 centimeters. The top portion uses a soft flexable brush to obtain cell samples. The brush consists of 57 semi-circular plastic bristles of various lengths. The shape is such that the top edges of the brush follow the contours of the cervix. The longer middle bristles reach deep into the endocervical canal. The shorter bristles touch both the ectocervical area and transformation zone at the same time.


All necessary cells can be collected in one movement by inserting the Cervex-Brush into the cervical canal and rotating once or twice while applying light pressure. The cell material adheres to the flat sides of the bristles and can be smeared accordingly in a perfect 'track' onto the glass slide.

The softness of the material ensures that no internal injury occurs eliminating blood admixture and unsatisfactory smears as a result. This is a comfortable investigation method for both patient and doctor, which above all delivers a visibly good result.

Sterile Aspiration Tubing

.500 I.D. (12.7mm)

.390 I.D. (9.91mm)

.250 I.D. (6.35mm)

Sterile Aspiration Tubing  
Now you don't have to spend your valuble time and money on cleaning and re-sterilizing high cost "single-use" tubing.

.500 I.D. (12.7mm)
.500 I.D. (12.7mm) x .125" Wall (3.175mm)
Tubing without fittings - other General Purpose Aspirators
Tubing with fittings - Synevac Systems

5 Packages/Box
 No. 810
 6 Ft. Long
 No. 825
 8 Ft. Long
 No. 800
 6 Ft. Long with fitting

.390 I.D. (9.91mm)
.390 I.D. (9.91mm) x .100" Wall (2.54mm)
Tubing without fittings - other General Purpose Aspirators
Tubing with fittings - Synevac Systems

10 Packages/Box
 No. 815
 6 Ft. Long
 No. 820
 8 Ft. Long
 No. 805
 6 Ft. Long with fitting

.250 I.D. (6.35mm)
.250 I.D. (6.35mm) x .090" Wall (2.286mm)
Tubing with fittings - Synevac Systems

12 Packages/Box
 No. 504
 6 Ft. Long with fitting